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RFID safety sensor SAFIX

Highly coded in small shape- the most modern RFID technology

Extensive in safety application

  • PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Highly coded according to EN ISO 14119
  • Series connection of up to 30 sensors without loss of safety
  • Integrated EDM function for direct connection of contactors (a safety relay is not required)
  • Manual / automatic start

Flexible installation and wiring

  • Can be used for small windows up to large safety doors
  • High IP67 and IP69K protection ratings for use in harsh environments
  • Suitable for the food and packaging industry according to ECOLAB
  • Flexible wiring concept with the passive distributor XCONN or wireless distributor
  • Connections via fixed 5 m and 10 m cable or M12 pigtail connection


The SAFIX non-contact safety sensor offers modern RFID safety technology in a compact design. Thanks to the coding of the actuator, SAFIX offers a high level of protection against manipulation. The fast reaction time of max. 75 ms enables a quick stop of a line.


SAFIX und XCONN an Verpackungsanlage


The safety sensors can be connected in series with up to 30 units. The detailed LED diagnosis with three different colours enables direct reading of the statuses and rapid fault diagnosis. The SAFIX RFID safety sensor is available in different coding levels. The different coding levels in accordance with EN ISO 14119 enable a high level of protection against manipulation and are available as low or high coding, as well as a relearnable variant.

Water proof housing

Sicherheitssensor SAFIX IP69K

Resistant to cleaning agents

Flacher Betätiger SAFIX T 6

Flat accuator SAFIX T 6


The integrated EDM function with optional manual or automatic reset, enables monitoring of externally connected contactors with positively driven contacts. This means that no additional safety relay is required.

The safety sensor is protected against the ingress of dust and dirt. In addition, the housing is waterproof and resistant to cleaning agents and complies with the high protection classes IP67 and IP69K. This means that SAFIX can also be used in more demanding environments, such as the food or pharmaceutical industries, and is certified according to ECOLAB.


SAFIX an Verpackungsanlage


SAFIX can be connected in series up to 30 times without significantly increasing the response time and can thus be integrated in systems with the highest safety level (PLe according to ISO 13849-1). The different connections, such as cable or pig-tail connection, enable a suitable and quick installation for the corresponding system and application. The additional flat T6 actuator makes it possible to mount the safety sensor even in confined areas.


SAFIX ohne Sicherheitsschrauben, dank Schraubenabdeckung

If it is stated in the risk assessment that the safety switch must be prevented from loosening (EN ISO 14119), the screw covers supplied are a possibility to omit the safety screws. For subsequent opening of the screws, the cover must be opened with a special tool.


5.2 Arrangement and installation of position switches

Position switches must be arranged in such a way that they are adequately protected against
any change in their position. To achieve this,  the following requirements must be met:
(a) the fastening elements of the position switches must be reliable and a tool must be required to loosen them.


Application examples

Berührungslose Türüberwachung für Verpackungsanlagen

Contactless door monitoring

Berührungslose Türüberwachung für Verpackungsanlagen

Retrofit of a cutting system with SAFIX 3


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