Wireless Safety



Safety controller with integrated wireless interface


With the Safety Simplifier we provide safety exactly where it is needed and help you to create user-friendly safety systems,such as at the access doors. Just connect your sensors, guard lockings and light curtains. Select the push buttons and/or the emergency stop buttons and you will receive a complete safety solution with evaluation and diagnosis. This data will be safely forwarded to your existing plant either directly or using another Safety Simplifier.




Wireless Safety
A flexible and safe solution for decentralised applications. Alternatively our system can be coupled via a safe CAN- Connection.

Safe Communication
The Safety Simplifier provides high safety up to SIL3 - PLe - Category 4
Reliable Communication due to Multi-Master-Principle.

Safety Simplifier Manager Software

Programmable  Safety Control
Decentralised Safety Control with 14 safe in- and outputs is flexible and individually configurable.


Safety Simplifier Manager Software

Configuration Software
Simplifier Manager

Predefined function elements for an easy and quick programming with online-mode and live-diagnosis




Examples for Applications

Gateway function

Euromap 73/78 port for molding machines

Robot integration

Safey wireless connector





Did you know...



Configurate your individual Simplifier regarding to your needs.
Choose push buttons, connectors and functions suitable to your application.


Standard Configurations


Safety Simplifier

Pre configurated models

Accessories & Software

Simplifier Manager Software and push button caps

Buttons for replacement