Wireless Sicherheitssteuerung Safety Simplifier

Safety Simplifier

The Safety- PLC with integrated Interface

Wireless Safety (Ple) where it is needed. Easy wireless machine safety via plug & play - Industry 4.0

Intelligente Prozesszuhaltung HOLDX R


The smart, magnetic process lock with self monitoring

An intelligent electronic magnet with integrated RFID- Sensor, which monitors itself - Industry 4.0

Sicherheitsschalter tGard


Enabling- and operating units with increased manipulation protection

Ergonomic enabling switch with hand detection and home senor for increased manipulation protection





Wireless Safety

Safety-PLC with integrated wireless interface

Safety fence

Flexible aluminium safety fences


Smart, magentic process lock with integrated RFID safety sensor


Enabling switch and operating unit


Contactless RFID safety sensor

Safe control technology

For safe control and monitoring of plants and machines

Simplifier wireless distributor

Safe wireless distributor, decentralized up to 16 units


passive distributer to simplify your installation and wiring effort




Safety Simplifier - The Safety- PLC with integrated Interface
  • modular build
  • safe Wireless- or CAN-connection
  • programmable Safety PLC
  • 14 safe I/O‘s
  • 2 safe relaisoutputs
  • Connection of up to 16 units
  • reciprocal communikation
  • Connection of up to 256 I/O‘s


wireless safety software