Safety fence


Flexible protective fences according to machine requirements

Design oriented, robust and easily expendable aluminium-profile technology

Safety System Products safety fence system made of aluminium allows a modular system for various applications like machines, robots and plants. An array of fillings, contours and colors are available - the fence adjusts to the customer needs. If the requirements change over time, an easy retrofit during a reconstruction is not a problem with our system. Regardless of whether new systems, modifications or retrofits - the safety fence from SSP meets all requirements of the EN ISO 14120:2015 as well as the latest Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG.







"Standard does not always fit, flexibility makes the difference!"



Fast Connect Technologie



Beispiel Schutzzaun für Roboter

Schutzzaun Flex-Line

Beispiel ECO-Line



Our aluminum protective fence meets the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, as well as the standards DIN EN ISO 12100 and DIN EN ISO 10218-2 when correctly designed. We continuously optimize and test our protective fence system using pendulum and ballistic tests.


Schutzzaun Durchbrüche

Breakthroughs can be realized quickly and easily at any point. The course of the fence can be designed flexibly.

Schutzzaun Bodenbefestigungen

The combination of floor mounting bracket and aluminum profile easily compensates for unevenness.

Schutzzaun Gitterfixierung

The SSP grid fixation provides a firm connection between the profile and the filling and increases the overall stability of your protective enclosure.


Schutzzaun Hubtore

CE-compliant lift gates are available with different opening variants.

Schutzzaun SE-Felder

SE fields significantly reduce the maintenance time of the machine. All parts are captive mounted.

Schutzzaun Gitterfixierung

The SSP Fast Connect technology enables simple and fast connection of the individual aluminum profiles. Drilling and thread cutting are thus no longer necessary.


Schutzzaun Füllungen

Fillings can be combined individually.

Schutzzaun Sensoren

The aluminum groove system allows easy and individual mounting of add-on components at any height and in any position.

Schutzzaun Rolltor

Custom roll-up and high-speed doors increase productivity even in tight spaces.



Standard elements or special designs - simple machine protection

Beispielkonstruktion Zeichnung

You create your fence yourself
Order the individual components. Due to our simple "Fast-Connect" fitting technology, the protective fence can be assembled quickly, easily and without a construction drawing.

Individually tailored to you
You provide us with a drawing or work out a concept with our experienced designers and receive your customized offer.

Assembly service
We assemble and disassemble your protective housing worldwide for you. No matter whether it is the initial commissioning of the plant at your premises or the installation of the machine at your customer's site.


Safety fence systems

Flexible safety fence Solutions according to machien requirements



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