Machine enclosures



Machine Enclosures

the King Class



The SSP safety fence system is suitable not only for safety fences, but also for complex enclosures such as those for robotic systems, processing centers and workstations. 
Together with SSP, its designers and project managers, individual special solutions can be created at any time. 




  • Various heights
  • Variety of fillings
  • Lockable with roof
  • Can be combined with doors and gates 
  • Special cutouts, hatches and openings


Vertrieb Innendienst Safety System Products

Machine enclosure

An enclosure with special dimensions as well as roof and viewing windows. The sliding gate allows quick access for loading and unloading.

Vertrieb Innendienst Safety System Products

Manual workstation

The manual workstation is secured with various openings and flaps. The flexible aluminum profile system easily realizes customer-specific requirements. SSP also supplies the appropriate safety sensors, light beams and safety controllers for a complete system. 


Vertrieb Innendienst Safety System Products

Laser cabin

The Flex-Line system allows various safety fence fillings that can be freely combined. Thus, a laser cabin can be equipped with lightning protection and stable plates.

Vertrieb Innendienst Safety System Products

Robot enclosure

A robot enclosure with integrated high-speed gate at working height for loading and unloading. 


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