Quick removal fence section


In manufacturing industries, the following adage is generally true: "Idle machines cost you money!”.
Shutting down a machine for servicing and maintenance work is expensive but necessary. In order to simplify this work, it is important to allow good access to all areas of the machine.
We have recognised this need and offer a solution to make things much easier with the quick removal fence section.
Using the special key supplied with the product, one person on their own is able to open and remove the fence section when required.
The important thing here is that the fence section remains in a predefined position after it has been opened and it is clear to everyone that the fence section is no longer closed. The fastening elements are fixed to the fence section, remain on it even after it has been removed and thus cannot be lost.

  • The quick removal fence section conforms to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
  • No parts can be lost.
  • Tilts out of its position due to gravity after unlocking.
  • Any number of quick removal fence sections can be fitted next to each other.
  • All infill panel options are available for the highest level of flexibility.
  • No electrical safety devices required.




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