Safety fence systems

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Fence height
2000 mm
2200 mm
Grid dimension
1144 mm
1544 mm
1100 mm
1500 mm
500 mm
1024 mm
1068 mm
Fencing system
Flex-Line pro
welded mesh door
galvanised sheet steel section
polycarbonate section




Aluminium profile

The SSP system is based on anodised aluminium profiles with a 10 mm groove. The different sizes are coordinated and can be easily combined with each other. Due to the special construction, the profiles are light and yet stable.



Slot nuts

The basis of the SSP Fast Connect technology are the slot nuts. These position themselves in the groove when screwed in and enable quick assembly.




The combination of fittings and sliding blocks enables an uncomplicated connection of the individual aluminium profiles. Drilling and thread cutting are not necessary. L, T or I fittings enable stable and flexible assembly of the aluminium profiles.




Large selection of fillings made of different materials for safety and functionality. From spot-welded mesh to transparent polycarbonate and opaque sheet metal to special fillings such as fine real glass.




     Safety fence assembly instructions


Standard dimensions
With the SSP protective fence system, you can design protective systems of any size.
For the most economical and quickest solutions, SSP has defined standard
dimensions for protective fence fields.



Breaches can be made quickly and without drilling at any point. A flexible fence course at all angles.

The combination of floor mounting bracket and aluminium profile easily compensates for unevenness.

The SSP mesh fixation ensures a firm connection between profile and filling and increases the overall stability of the safety fence.


Clever solutions for doors, such as latches or stoppers, complete the system.

Uncomplicated mounting of add-on components with mounting plates possible at many points of the fence

Polycarbonate, sheet metal or real glass infills are additionally fixed with clamping strips