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Manual Lifting gate


SSP Hubtor

Mechanical, hand-operated lifting gates for personal and plant protection


Space-saving personal and plant protection that adapts to your individual requirements. This safety component makes it easier for you to access your systems without additional automation. CE-compliant and documented according to the Machinery Directive.

The SSP lift gate can be realized with three different openings and consists of a stable aluminum profile construction. It is opened and closed manually by hand. Thanks to the flexible system, many different fillings are possible, and the lift gate can be easily integrated into all safety fence systems. The modular design, easy and simple assembly and the unlimited expandability are just some of the advantages of this product.



SSP Hubtor Verriegelung

Simplie, mechanical locking


The main features

  • Fillings: Polycarbonat, sheet metal, aluminum composite panels, glass, can be used in the same way as the protective fence system
  • Various guide variants such as plastic or brass rollers, linear rails, etc.
  • Custom sizes and designs are possible
  • Safety sensors up to PL e can be delivered pre-assembled

Hubtor Ecke Sonderlösung

Special solution corner lift gate



Deflection rollers with lift-off protection