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Manual reset
Class of protection
Pigtail M12 8-pin
Pigtail M12 4-pin
Cable 10 m
Cable 5 m
high (re-teachable)
Individual (teachable)


RFID safety sensor SAFIX 3

Up to 30 SAFIXs can be switched in a row, without any significant extension of the reaction time. Therefore it can be integrated in systems with the highest safety level (PLe accordingto ISO 13849-1).
It is obtainable in three different versions, either with high or with low level coding. Due to this, it can provide you with high protection against manipulation, within a compact housing. With an 8-pole M8 connector and OSSD-output signals, the SAFIX can be connected to all kinds of safety relais and is therefore perfectly integrable in any present enviroment. The sensors are combinable with our magnetic locks HOLDX S and HOLDX L, as well as our safe distributerbox XCONN.
Advantages of our new RFID safety sensor, SAFIX 3 with PLe, are it's slim housing and hole spacing of 22mm. It operates in the front and lateral.
Waterproof SAFIX

Waterproof case according to IP69K

detergent resistant

Detergent resistant

SAFIX 3 connection variations

SAFIX 3 connection variations

The sensor is constructed in IP69K, has an ECOLAB- authorisation and is obtanable with either a M12, 8-pole pigtail cable or with a constant cable length of 5 to 10 meters. With its OSSD output signals the sensor can be connected to all current controls and safety relais. Up to 30 sensors are switchable in a row. For diagnosis there is an information signal and a LED- display available.
SAFIX 3 with flat actuator
SAFIX 3 front view
SAFIX 3 with safety screws