Automated Lifting Gates



Automated Lifting Gates


The SSP lifting gates provide space-saving personnel and equipment protection that adapts to customer requirements. This secured lifting gate facilitates access to the enclosed equipment without the need for additional automation. The lifting gate can be easily integrated into all safety fence systems.
The SSP lifting gate can be manufactured with three different openings and consists of a stable aluminum profile construction. Opening and closing is done manually by hand. Thanks to the flexible system, many different fillings are possible. The modular design, easy and simple installation and unlimited expandability are just some of the advantages of this product. flash CE conformity included



Safety switch

I/O link or Profinet connection



SSP's automated lifting gates are the ideal solution for the separation between protected areas. They are mainly used in interlinked robot systems. Thus, when opened, the robots can work together, e.g. hand over workpieces. When closed, access to a single protected area is enabled without shutting down the second area.
The movable part of the partition wall is equipped with a Makrolon filling, which reliably protects against flying sparks, for example in welding robots, but still allows process monitoring. The safety switch keeps the lifting gate securely closed in the end position, thus enabling small safety clearances.
Activation is carried out via an I/O link, which can be configured, or via a professional interface. The counterweights allow the use of a motor with reduced driving force and prevent the gate from falling. This significantly reduces the risk of shearing and crushing. The lift gate and components are delivered fully assembled, pre-wired, tested and configured. In this way, the gate only has to be activated. A final quality test is done on each lifting gate before delivery.







  • No risk of crushing & shearing during maintenance 
  • Finished widths 1500 mm to 5000 mm, as well as special dimensions>
  • Murr Fusion distributor box for quick connection of all components>
  • No interference surface for the cable duct (freely positionable)