Your advantages

  • 1200 N locking force
  • Fixing force provided by 30 N permanent magnet
  • Can be combined with contactless SAFIX safety sensor (PLe)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • No wear
  • Expanded diagnosis function (contamination) including functional components for the SPS
  • LED diagnosis
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Easy wiring with the XCONN passive distributor

Magnetic process lock

The HOLDX magnetic process lock can identify any loss in locking force, e.g. due to contamination, in good time thanks to the integrated diagnosis function that utilises an aperiodic magnetic flow meter. Errors can thus be rectified before they even occur.

SSP offers ready-to-use components for the SPS programming. Thanks to its slimline design, it can be easily and quickly installed on aluminium profile systems. Due to its locking force of more than 1200 N, protection class of IP67 and LED display, the process lock is thus perfect for providing process protection on access doors.

The LED has been designed so that it can be viewed from all sides and even through a closed door. Using a Y-connector and with the aid of the XCONN passive distribution system, the HOLDX can also be used in combination with the contactless SAFIX SSP safety sensor. This enables secure locking (PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1) with simultaneous process protection. Depending on the version, the connection is achieved using an M12 connector with either 5 pins (HOLDX L1) or 8 pins (HOLDX L2).


Betreff: HOLDX L2 Magnetic process lock

General data

Type designation
Item number
Functional type
Magnetic process lock
Service life TM (EN ISO 13849-1)
20 Years

Environmental conditions

Max. storage temperature
−25 … +70 °C
Max. operating temperature
−20 … +50 °C
Protection class

Electrical data

Overvoltage category
Contamination level
Design / Connections
M12 male connector, 8-pin
Rated operating voltage Ue
−3 V … +5 V(Low) / +15 V … +30 V(High) V
Supply voltage
DC − 15%/+ 10% (PELV gemäß 60204-1) 24 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui
± 4 k V
No-load current I0
max. 300 mA
Connection type
Sourcing output, short-circuit proof
Rated operating current Iₑ
24 V/ max. 40 mA / < 2 m A
Utilisation category
pin assignment with SSP accessories cable
A1 Ue
OUT1 diagnostic output
IN 1 safety sensor input
IN 2 solenoid on input

Mechanical data

24,4 mm
257,0 mm
22,2 mm
Locking force Fmax
- typical
1500 N
- guaranteed
1200 N
Fixing force
30 N
Height offset
± 2,5 mm
Lateral offset
± 2,5 mm
Housing material
Aluminium, hard anodised
Electric magnet material
Aluminium, hard anodised
Anchor plate material
Steel, nickel-plated
Shock resistance
30 g/11 ms
Vibration resistance
10-55 M Hz
Recommended safety sensor
Mechanical service life
>10⁷ switching cycles
Width of anchor plate
34,0 mm
Length of anchor plate
130,0 mm
Height of anchor plate
9,1 mm