Your advantages

  • Width from 22,5mm
  • Free Mosaic Safety Designer software
  • Easy and quick programming
  • Online Mode
  • Support in the validation of EN ISO 13849-2 implemented
  • Modular expansion of the system up to
    • 128 safe inputs
    • 16 safe outputs
  • Safe speed monitoring according to PLe
  • Safe standstill monitoring according to PLe
  • Decentralized structure possible
  • Memory card for quick replacement


The PLC controller MOSAIC is a modular, configurable safety system for the protection of persons at machines or plants. The modular design and the compact case (from 22.5mm) allows an almost limitless combination of input and output modules as well as some special modules for special applications such as speed monitoring and decentralized design.

The expansion modules are connected to the main module MOSAIC M1 via a backplane bus connector (MCM). The Drag & Drop programming is done via a mini-USB interface with the software "Mosaic Safety Designer". You can download these for free here.

The MOSAIC M1 main module also has 8 digital safety inputs, 2 OSSD pairs with output current of 400mA, 4 test outputs for sensor monitoring, 2 programmable digital information outputs and 2 inputs for reset / start and feedback loop (EDM). It can also be used as stand-alone Cover device even smaller applications.

Betreff: MOSAIC M1