Your advantages

  • Modular use with all SSP EDI emergency stop buttons
  • Self-monitoring contacts detect faulty installation of the emergency stop button or a detached contact block

Contact modules (direct opening mechanism)

Self-monitoring contacts: Two contacts connected in series monitor not only the operation of the emergency stop button but also safely trip in the event of incorrect installation.

Betreff: EDI ZB1 Contact modules (direct opening mechanism)

General data

Item number
Functional type
Contact modules (direct opening mechanism)

Environmental conditions

Max. storage temperature
-50°C ... 85°C °C
Max. operating temperature
with / without lighting -25 ... 55 °C

Electrical data

Design / Connections
Spring-loaded terminals / 0.75 ... 2.5mm
Bounce time NC
< 10
Direct opening contact
according to EN60947-5-1, Annex K
Switch type
1 opening contact (+ 1 switch)
Contact material
Rated operating voltage Ue
250 V
Min. voltage
24 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui
250 V
Continuous thermal current
0,416666667 A
Protection class (EN 50178)
II (protective insulation)
Rated operating current Iₑ
3 A
Utilisation category
AC15 A300
electrical lifespan
20.000 switching cycles

Mechanical data

Mechanical service life
20.000 switching cycles