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Contact transmitter




Emergency-stop-button with self monitoring contactors

To uphold safety, the emergency-stop-buttons' switching elements are equiped with safety contacts. These are constantly supervising the proper connection between the emergency-stop-button and the contact elements. Even redundant, safe emergency-stop-chains are ineffective, if the contactor isn't flawlessly connected to the emergency-stop-button. If, through careless montage or mechanical damage, the emergency-stop-button is disconnected from the contact element, the safety contact will interrupt and stop the machine. After correcting the flaw, the machine can be started again.


Controls for all applications

SSP controls can be used in a variety of applications, from the simplest applications to the most demanding environments requiring ECOLAB and IP69K certifications. With compact housing dimensions of less than 40 mm, the controls of the EDI series can be easily mounted on common aluminum profile systems. Numerous, individual designs and button configurations can be realized thus adapt to different application conditions.