Connection Possibilities

State-of-the-art safety technology

In the factory as well as in the process automation, a trend for increasingly complex, decentralized applications has become apparent. One of the big challenges in the safety field is the most efficient possible coupling of various safety components. For this purpose SSP provides with the Safety Simplifier simple and flexible solutions: The safe coupling via wireless or safe CAN connection. Regardless which solution you choose, in the maximum configuration up to 16 participants with up to 256 inputs and/or outputs can be securely networked together.

Safety Simplifier and sensor connectionSafe wireless network & repeater function

Network up to 16 Safety Simplifier via safe wireless communication. Thanks to the standard implemented repeater function you will achieve an optimum process safety. Each Safety Simplifier shares all available safety information with all other Safety Simplifiers within its range. Two modules communicate with each other over a distance of up to 100 m. For longer distances or under unfavorable ambient conditions additional Safety Simplifier can be applied as repeater.

Safe combined networking of wireless and CANSafe combined networking of wireless and CAN

Network up to 16 Safety Simplifier via safe CAN communication. Every single Safety Simplifier in the system can get all available safety information from other participants. The cable length of up to 250 m enables the application in large plants with longer distances. Combine flexibly the safe wireless and CAN network and reduce your wiring and commissioning effort. The advantages of each single communication type are available as combined network, everywhere where a process-safe wireless connection is not possible, you can connect the Safety Simplifier via CAN wire. In a system of 16 Safety Simplifiers you can freely select which units communicate via CAN or wireless connection.

Simplifier Notebook Mockup

Reduction of commissioning time

Thanks to the IP65 protection class of the Safety Simplifier, an external safety PLC or even a control cabinet for the safety technology are no longer necessary for your robot cell. The wiring effort of the safety components is reduced to a minimum using the safe wireless communication.