Safety Simplifier

The System

Design of safety solutions for stationary or mobile machines and plants has never been as simple as it is today. With the patent-pending Safety Simplifier we provide you with a wireless, flexible safety technology as a plug & play solution!

  • modular design
  • safe wireless or CAN Network
  • programmable safety PLC
  • 14 safe I/O's
  • 2 safe relay outputs
  • networking of up to 16 units
  • two-way communication
  • networking of up to 256 I/O's

Products and Systems

With the Safety Simplifier we provide safety exactly where it is needed and help you to create user-friendly safety systems,such as at the access doors. Just connect your sensors, guard lockings and light curtains. Select the pushbuttons and/or the emergency stop Buttons and you will receive a complete safety solution with evaluation and diagnosis.This data will be safely forwarded to your existing plant either directly or using another Safety Simplifier.

Hardware Versions

Thanks to its modular design, Safety Simplifier can be subsequently expanded, also in systems that are not equipped with a CAN connection. The standard built-in wireless module can be easily activated or deactivated with the free Simplifier Manager. However, the Safety Simplifier is not just a decentralized Safety PLC. In addition, the system integrates control devices, such as emergency stop buttons, illuminated buttons for various functions or key switches for activation of different operating modes. Additional safety components such as RFID sensors, safety guard lockings, light curtains, safety edges and many others safety components can be connected and integrated by means of the four connection possibilities on the upper and bottom surface.

State-of-the-art safety technology

In the factory as well as in the process automation, a trend for increasingly complex, decentralized applications has become apparent. One of the big challenges in the safety fi eld is the most effi cient possible coupling of various safety components. For this purpose SSP provides with the Safety Simplifier simple and flexible solutions: The safe coupling via wireless or safe CAN connection. Regardless which solution you choose, in the maximum configuration up to 16 participants with up to 256 inputs and/or outputs can be securely networked together.


Safe wireless network & repeater function

Network up to 16 Safety Simplifier via safe wireless communication. Thanks to the standard implemented repeater function you will achieve an optimum process safety. Each Safety Simplifier shares all available safety information with all other Safety Simplifiers within its range. Two modules communicate with each other over a distance of up to 100 m. For longer distances or under unfavorable ambient conditions additional Safety Simplifier can be applied as repeater.


Safe combined networking of wireless and CAN

Network up to 16 Safety Simplifier via safe CAN communication. Every single Safety Simplifier in the system can get all available safety information from other participants. The cable length of up to 250 m enables the application in large plants with longer distances. Combine flexibly the safe wireless and CAN network and reduce your wiring and commissioning effort. The advantages of each single communication type are available as combined network, everywhere where a process-safe wireless connection is not possible, you can connect the Safety Simplifier via CAN wire. In a system of 16 Safety Simplifiers you can freely select which units communicate via CAN or wireless connection.

Reduction of commissioning time

Thanks to the IP65 protection class of the Safety Simplifier, an external safety PLC or even a control cabinet for the safety technology are no longer necessary for your robot cell. The wiring effort of the safety components is reduced to a minimum using the safe wireless communication.


Application description

For the implementation of the safety technology, only three decentralized Safety Simplifier are necessary for the evaluation of all safety functions. Consequently, a safety PLC and the otherwise mandatory control cabinet are no longer necessary. Your planning effort simplifies, the plants can be standardized and expanded in a modular manner. Additional robots or doors that are required, will be quickly connected thanks to further Safety Simplifier. Using the clear system and software design, the validation of hardware and software will be quickly and comfortably implemented.


Simplifier Manager Configuration Software


Simplifier Manager is the free software for the Safety Simplifier System

Program the safety functions in an easy and uncomplicated way using the Simplifier Manager configuration Software. The functional modules for emergency stops, safety switches, light curtains, two-hand controls, mode selector Switches and many others are available as standard.


Configuration of the functional modules

The properties of the individual functional modules can be configured with the inspector window. Examples of parameters:


Distribution of safety functions

In order to gain more clarity, the safety functions can be arranged on different pages using memories. This simplifies the validation and programming of your application.


Programming and upload of the application software

Program your application software with the Simplifier Manager. Install the application software for all participants using the SRM stick (Simplifier Radio Monitor Stick). A cable connection to the Safety Simplifier is not necessary. In the case that you don't have the SRM stick at hand, you can also use all functions via standard micro USB cable. All safety-related data like serial numbers of the devices, check sums, network ID, wireless channel and quality are displayed.


Communication with the standard PLC

Free of charge and in an easy and effective way the Safety Simplifi er provides bidirectionally all information to the higher-level standard PLC. Reprogram two of 14 inputs and/or outputs as serial outputs. Use our standard modules in the Simplifier Manager. These modules send through two outputs up to 32 pieces of information to their higher-level control unit. If these pieces of information are not sufficient, further free I/O's can be used for communication without limitation. Free of charge functional modules for Siemens and Beckhoff are available on our homepage.

Simplifier LED and software information

Our motto „we simplify safety" is also reflected in easy functionalities such as our illuminated buttons. Standard market control units require an input and an output for the evaluation of illuminated buttons. Using the Safety Simplifier, you will reduce the number of inputs and outputs by 50% because one illuminated button can be connected to just one connecting pin. Consequently, the input and output function can be used at the same time. On a standard door with the functions: Emergency stop button, illuminated reset button, illuminated requirement button and illuminated start button consequently three inputs or outputs can be saved. The LED display of the Safety Simplifier always displays the status of its own inputs as well as the status of further Safety Simplifi er in the system. For that, select the view using a touch sensor on the panel.