Smart magnetic guard lock HOLDX R2



Smart series connection with several doors

Packaging machines often have many doors so that easy access to the machine is guaranteed during set-up mode or for maintenance purposes. More than ten doors in a safety circuit are not uncommon. The smart HOLDX R2 magnetic guard lock was developed for exactly this kind of applications.

Thanks to an intelligent and simple wiring concept, up to 30 HOLDX R2 can be easily connected in series without giving up the diagnosis options. This allows individual evaluation of each participant without the need for an additional gateway. It is also possible to evaluate the information from the HOLDX R2 on any commercially available control unit. SSP offers ready-to-use functional modules for controllers from Siemens, Beckhoff, Rockwell and B&R. Thus, the HOLDX R2 provides more than 300 pieces of information for diagnosis on the control unit.

Packaging machine with six magnetic guard lock devices HOLDX RS2, clever connected in series


Extensive diagnosis

  • Door opened/closed
  • Door locked
  • Dirty or poorly adjusted
  • Manipulation of RFID sensors has taken place (values are stored)
  • Short-circuit in input or output circuit

Advantages in the application

  • High locking force of up to 1200 N
  • PLe acc. to EN ISO 13849-1:2016
  • Series connection of up to 30 guard locking devices without loss of safety
  • No gateway required for diagnosis and communication with the higher-level PLC
  • Single information signals of each HOLDX R2 available
  • Locking force of 600 N or 1200 N



Simple series connection HOLDX RS2 thanks to Y-pigtail cable


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