We bring safety to where it is needed and simplify your machine safety with our plug & play Safety Simplifier solution. Standalone or decentralized.  

Simplifier Gateway zur Profisafe Übertragung


The Safety Simplifier is a safety controller that communicates both wireless or via CAN. There is no need for a control cabinet for the safety technology, saving you wiring work and time. Safety functions such as sensors or guard locking devices are connected directly to the door with a Safety Simplifier. Depending on the application, it is equipped with suitable operating elements to control the safety functions or trigger an emergency stop.

Thanks to the multi-master principle, each communicating simplifier is also a repeater. This principle creates a secure mesh network in which each Safety Simplifier shares its global information with all participants within its range.  This results in a high level of reliability - each Safety Simplifier reliably passes on its information and the information it has received from the other Safety Simplifiers.




Why Safety Simplifier?


  • Programmable safety controler
  • TÜV certified. SIL 3 - Category 4 - PL e  
  • Connect up to 16 units
  • Secure wireless or CAN communication
  • Two-way communication
  • Connect up to 256 I/Os


More clever functions & safety

The digital I/O ports can be flexible configured as inputs or outputs. The input and output function can be used simultaneously to control the LED with the output and to query the contact of the push-button with the input. Common safety control systems usually require different modules for functions as well as for inputs and outputs. These must be designed in advance or, if necessary, supplemented via the large number of input and output modules. The Safety Simplifier replaces input and output modules with just one device.

The Safety Simplifier is TÜV certified. SIL 3 - Category 4 - PL e  
The safe wireless communication of the Safety Simplifier runs without interfering with the IT. The Safety Simplifier does not require any external repeaters, but sets up its system independently. 16 channels on a frequency of 2.4 GHz are available for optimum implementation.







Thanks to wireless communication, the wiring effort is drastically reduced. Up to 16 Safety Simplifiers can be linked via the secure wireless network. This reduction in cabling saves resources and time during planning, documentation, installation and commissioning. A control cabinet for the safety technology can be dispensed with entirely.  







What is the difference to conventional systems?

Simplifier Safety


  • Significant reduction of the
  • wiring effort
  • Fast commissioning
  • Error reduction
  • Flexibly expandable
  • No terminals
  • No terminal boxes


Usual Safety PLCs


  • High wiring effort
  • Many modules
  • Increased error rate
  • Inflexible
  • Extra control cabinets
  • High costs
  • Small applications already require up to 64 terminals





Program safety functions easily and clearly with the help of the Simplifier Manager software. Function modules for emergency stop, safety switches, lighting curtains, two-hand controls, operating mode switcs and many other applications are available as standard.





Find out how Staehle was able to simplify its safety concept with the Simplifier system.