Safety Sensors & Safety Switches

Safeguarding of machines and robot systems with the aid of safety switches and safety sensors



Safety System Products uses the latest technology in products for monitoring safety gates on machines, plants and robots. They are suitable for a wide range of applications. Safe sensors protect people and machines in various application forms. The product portfolio consists of RFID safety sensors, safety switches with and without key transfer systems and process interlocks.





Contactless RFID Safety Sensors


Magnetic process guard locking with integrated RFID safety sensor


Solenoid interlock with RFID sensor


Hygiene solenoid interlock with RFID sensor, IP69K



Combination of electric safety switch, key transfer system and operating system

amGard pro

Modular safety switch with extracted key function and key transfer system


Industrial access control with RFID



Mechanical key transfer system in robust design






Non-contact RFID safety sensors such as SAFIX offer a high level of protection against tampering thanks to the coding of the actuator. The SAFIX can be connected in series up to 30 times and offers a quick and suitable installation on the system with the help of the different connections. With a fast response time of max. 75 ms, the SAFIX RFID safety sensor allows shorter distances to the danger point.





The HOLDX R magnetic process interlock is also equipped with an RFID safety sensor. The combination of RFID safety sensors and electromagnets allows safe position monitoring and process guard locking to be combined. In this way, accesses can be safely monitored and locked. The intelligent sensor technology of the HOLDX R makes it possible to plan maintenance and servicing in advance. The independent monitoring of the downstream actuators allows fault diagnostics via mobile app without additional measuring or diagnostic devices. These and other advanced technologies, make Safety System Products' safety sensors innovative products that make machine safety easier.





Safety sensors for different applications

  • Advanced LED diagnostics
  • Series connection
  • Standardized M12 connectors for uncomplicated wiring
  • Small design  
  • Clever mounting accessories reduce installation effort
  • Tamper protection
  • High protection classes up to PLe/SIL3




The robust solenoid interlock, with highly coded RFID sensor, ATOM meets safety levels up to PLe. The high holding force of 7500 N and the uniquely coded actuator make the system tamper-proof and reliably protect the application. The small design and robust housing make the ATOM a versatile solenoid interlock. The extremely flexible actuator supports interlocking and corrects misalignments. Self-monitoring OSSD outputs can be connected directly to the safety controller or to the safety relay. A variant with 2 x M12 connectors is also available for series connection.        Thanks to its stainless steel housing and IP69K certification, the LOUIS hygienic variant is ideally suited for the food or pharmaceutical industries. The safety interlock can be effectively washed down, and the open design and corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing facilitate the cleaning process. Integrated seals protect the electronics and seal any edges, so no dirt can accumulate.




Fortress Interlocks' tGard electric and modular configurable safety switch offers a variety of controls and safety functions to combine. The possibilities are great, such as electric magnetic locking or key transfer system. The extremely robust metal housing makes the tGard safety switch stable and durable. The slim design of only 40 mm allows the tGard to be mounted directly on common aluminum profiles. The various connections with quick-release couplings allow quick commissioning.



Robust key transfer system that offers a solution for almost any application. This comprehensive safety switch relies on a modular design with a wide variety of interlocking options, safety functions and actuators. Individually configurable, the amGard pro can be used for demanding applications up to PLe and offers a locking force of over 10,000 N. The high-performance stainless steel housing offers unparalleled durability and stability. Handles with optional emergency release are intuitive and provide a wide alignment tolerance. Safety keys reduce the risk of lock-in, amGard pro has a wide variety of solutions for user protection with personal keys. With the ProfiNet module, the safety switch can be easily integrated into networked environments. Ethernet/IP modules integrate the amGard pro into the network and safety information is exchanged via CIP safety.





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