Safety technology for bottling plants


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Filling systems for the beverage industry have to meet high requirements, such as extremely high cycle times in confined spaces, food suitability and resistance to cleaning. These requirements necessitate a compact and innovative safety concept. With safe standstill monitoring and enabling switches for setup operation as well as a key transfer system made of stainless steel components, SSP offers a coordinated product range as well as a high level of experience for applications on filling lines.


Absicherung Abfüllanlage Übersicht


Berührungslose Türüberwachung für Verpackungsanlagen

Hygienic key transfer
Mechanical switches mGard

Berührungslose Türüberwachung für Verpackungsanlagen

Setup mode with speed monitoring
MOSAIC safety control and ZEUS enabling switch


Other filling lines

Automatic beverage filling line


Application requirement

In beverage manufacturing plants, automated filling machines are used to fill a bottle with the freshly produced beverages. To comply with global food safety regulations, such machines are extensively protected and interlocked to limit the possibility of external contamination. However, maintenance personnel may need access to the machine. Therefore, each access point is equipped with a solenoid-controlled safety switch to ensure that access is only possible when the machine's power supply has been disconnected.

Operating sequence

An operator requests input from the nearby control panel, which disconnects power to the machine and brings the machine to a controlled stop. Once the solenoid is energized, an operator can remove the handle that previously locked the door and gain access to the machine. The machine cannot be restarted until the door is closed by reinserting the handle into the head of the solenoid controlled safety switch.

Key factors

The Fortress Interlocks solution includes the following:
  • MA2M6SL411 - Solenoid-operated safety switch (left-handed)
  • MA4M6SL411 - Solenoid-operated safety switch (right-handed)


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