Retrofit with an integrated safety solution

Safety fence

Flexible aluminum safety fence


Key transfer system and a coordinated safety concept consisting of a protective fence and muting light curtain.

Built in the late 1980s, the foam block cutting machine was overhauled in September 2017 and optimized with a holistic safety solution from Safety System Producs.

The modular and flexible aluminum safety fence encloses the plant and thus prevents unwanted walking behind. Only the doors and the material discharge had to be safeguarded with solenoid interlocks such as the SAFIX 3 RFID safety sensor and a muting light curtain. For this purpose, amGard pro safety interlocks from Fortess Interlocks are used. Thanks to their modular and robust design, these are particularly suitable for hazardous applications (SIL3/KAT 4, PLe) and can be easily adapted to the customer's requirements. Thus, in addition to the actual guard locking function, the tumblers can also be equipped with operating elements and an escape release.

Safety sensor SAFIX 3

RFID-Safety sensor SAFIX 3



Door tumbler amGard pro

Door tumbler Fortress Interlocks amGard pro

Teachbox Interlocks amGard

Teachbox Fortress Interlocks amGard pro



Muting light curtain

Muting light curtain ReeR - JANUS

Another special feature is the extracted key function, which provides optimum protection by removing personal safety keys. The function is very simple: Before maintenance personnel enter the system, the safety key integrated in the switch must be removed and taken into the system. If the safety door is closed unintentionally, the system cannot be started without the key. There is also another switching unit with a lock inside the system. If the key is inserted there by the maintenance personnel, maintenance work on the cutter can be carried out at a safe speed.

After cutting from the foam block, the material is discharged via a conveyor belt and one of the fence openings. In order to detect the access of persons there, but at the same time to discharge the goods without interrupting the light curtain, L-muting light curtains of the "JANUS" series from the Italian partner ReeR are used there. Thanks to the integrated muting function and fixed muting arms, the light curtain detects the material to be ejected and deactivates the light curtain for a short period of time. The mattress can be ejected, but human access remains detected. The light curtain is configured without any programming effort; all necessary parameters are set via the pin assignment of the main connector.



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Safety fence

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