Your advantages

  • Robust housing in IP65 and IP67
  • Modular construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Combination of enabling button and operating unit
  • LED diagnosis
  • Increased protection against manipulation thanks to activity sensor
  • Increased protection against manipulation thanks to SSP hand recognition
  • Universal connection with fixed cable

ZEUS 01-13 15 30
Enabling/operating unit

Zeus Zustimmtaster

Zeus Zustimmtaster mit Handerkennung

ZEUS Zustimmtaster

ZEUS guarantees fatigue free activity, thanks to an ergonomical design and low weight. It is suitable for left and right handed persons and easily operated with gloves.
With it's way to function the 3-Step-Enabling Switch ZEUS creates ideal safety conditions in your enabling operation.

Betreff: ZEUS 01-13 15 30 Enabling/operating unit

General data

Functional type
Enabling/operating unit
Enabling button: 100.000

Environmental conditions

Max. storage temperature
-40 ... +80 °C
Max. operating temperature
-5 ... +60 °C
Protection class
according to IEC 529. IP65, IP67
Clearance and creepage distances according to IEC/EN 606641
Overvoltage category: 3 // Contamination level: III

Electrical data

Supply voltage
DC ± 5% 24 V

Mechanical data

Enabling button material
Base plate
With mounting bracket: only for use with the ZEUS H (SP-X-85-800-00) // screw connections: M20 internal thread
71 mm
69 mm
depending on features and variant: 330-400 g
Housing material
PA6.6 30% GF, colour: black
Material for base plate
Mechanical service life
100.000 switching cycles
Screw torque
0,8 Nm
186 mm