HOLDX RL 1 Pigtail

Your advantages

  • PLe according to EN 13849-1
  • High Coded according to EN 14119
  • From little windows up to big safety doors
  • Shortest commisioning time
  • Pigtail connection reduces cabling effort
  • Less down- and setup time, due to maintenance Monitoring
  • High tolerance for door offsets
  • Easy replacement through pinout with compatibility with Magne 4
  • Optional: Static info output (factory setting) or (selectable via app) pulsed, smart diagnostics output


HOLDX RL1-P8-W-B-S0131
Magnetic guard lock individual, reteachable coding, special wiring MAGNE 4, Pigtail M12 8-pin, 1200 N locking force

Ideal for large doors. Thanks to the locking force of 1200 N, the HOLDX RL prevents doors from being torn open. With a slim width of only 35 mm, the guard locking is ideal for space-saving mounting on aluminum profile systems. In addition to the guard locking force of the electromagnet, the flexibly mounted armature plate also has a 50 N permanent magnet that prevents a door from immediately bursting open. The integrated RFID security sensor meets the highest performance level PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1:2016. An integrated Bluetooth interface and the extended LED diagnostics enable smart operation as well as fast diagnostics.


HOLDX R User Tutorials

Our HOLDX R User Tutorials are now available as a playlist on YouTube! Our product manager Rico Czernig explains topics like the subsequent magnet calibration or diagnostic data. Have a look at the playlist for HOLDX RL and RS, as well as for our HOLDX Manager!




Betreff: HOLDX RL1-P8-W-B-S0131 Magnetic guard lock individual, reteachable coding, special wiring MAGNE 4, Pigtail M12 8-pin, 1200 N locking force

General data

Type designation
Item number
Coding levels
Safety relevant data
Category (EN ISO 13849-1: 2015)
SIL (IEC 61508: 2010)
- Hardware fault tolerance
- PFHd
2,24 x 10⁻⁹
Service life (EN IEC 62061)
20 Years
Switching current per safety output max.
100 mA (DC-12/DC-13)

Safety data

Performance Level (EN ISO 13849-1: 2015)

Environmental conditions

Max. storage temperature
-20 °C...+70 °C
Max. operating temperature
-20 °C...+55 °C
∆T max
0,5 °C/ min

Electrical data

Supply voltage
24 VDC (+10/-15%)
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp
1 kV
Power consumption (incl. OSSD outputs
17 W
Rated current (on 24 VDC)
645 mA
No-load current I0
60 mA
Amount safety inputs
1x 2-channels
Current consumption per input max.
2,75 mA
Current consumption input magnet ON
1,2 mA
Voltage drop safety output (Ud)
0,75 V
Amount OSSD safety output
1x 2-channels
Safety output - output type
Transistor (PNP)
Residual current safety output (Ir)
0,5 mA
Load capacitive reactance safety output max.
20 nF
Amount diagnosis output
Diagnosis output- output type
Transistor (PNP)
Connection type
(Version HOLDX RL1-8P) M12 8-pin, Pigtail 200 mm
Series connection for safe In- and Outputs
max. 30 process locks
Protection class power supply
Switching current per diagnosis output max.
100 mA
Design / Connections
1x Pigtail 8-pin
Risk time
75 ms ms

Mechanical data

34 mm
(without cable) 239,6 mm
31,1 mm
Dimensions of anchor plate
Width of anchor plate
34,4 mm
Length of anchor plate
224,1 mm
Height of anchor plate
20,1 mm
Locking force electromagnet
1200 N
Permanent magnet
50 N
Smart resting force
0/ 30 N/ 50 N
Weight process lock
725 g
Torque (mounting screw) process lock
6 Nm
Torque (mounting screw) anchor plate
6 Nm
Screwing with raised head screw M6 Torx with pin
Material housing lock
PBT GF30, Aluminium eloxated black, AlMgSi, TPE, PC
Shock resistance
30 g / 11 ms
Vibration resistance
1 g, 5-150 Hz
Switching distance according to DIN EN 60947-5-3:2014-12
Assured switching distance ON S(ao)
4 mm
Assured switching distance OFF S(ar)
15 mm
Minimum switching distance S0min
0,5 mm
Typical switching distance S(n)
5 mm
Repeat accuracy R switching distance
<0,5 mm
2 mm
Generall periods
Readiness delay t(v)
3000 ms
Start delay acctuator t(on)
75 ms
Safety function times
Switch-off reaction time inputs
max.3 ms
Switch-off reaction time anchor plate - Outputs t(off)
max. 75 ms
Test impulse length OSSD Sicherheitsausgänge
0,3 ms

Electrical drawings

Connection drawing
Connection drawing
Connection example 1
Connection example 1
Connection example 2
Connection example 2
Connection example 3
Connection example 3
Connection example 4
Connection example 4


Switching gap
Switching gap
Approach direction
Approach direction
Assembly 2
Assembly 2