Safety Simplifier and Emergency stop linkage

Switch off AGV vehicles safely



Application description

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are the innovative answer for automated material and goods flow in companies or in intralogistics. They logistically connect individual processing machines, automated cells or even manual workstations. However, with the increasing number of AGVs, new demands are also being placed on safety technology.
It is often necessary to link the AGV emergency stop to each other, or to stop several AGVs from fixed operator stations via emergency stop. With its wireless mesh network, the Safety Simplifier is the ideal solution for the safety-relevant linking of several AGVs with each other and/or with stationary machines. A Safety Simplifier is mounted on every machine and every AGV. Each Safety Simplifier acts as a master and functions stand-alone, so AGVs can also be flexibly removed from the system and added again. The desired logic can be programmed via the software and safe inputs and outputs can be exchanged as desired and used for decentralized shutdown of the AGV.


Networking of up to 250 automated guided vehicles via Wireless Safety.


Advantages in the application

  • Safe, decentralized shutdown of AGV systems
  • Safe linkage of plants with AGV
  • Unlimited number of AGV systems can be integrated
  • Evaluation of safe functions on the AGV (emergency stop, scanner, etc.) via the safe inputs
  • Flexibly expandable system for plant expansion



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