Safety Simplifier Standalone application

Safety control and operational unit in one system
with Safety Simplifier



Application description

A safety light curtain with finger protection is used for the safety of the manual workstation for cyclical intervention. Two SAFIX W3 RFID sensors secure the service doors and flaps. An emergency stop button integrated in the Safety Simplifier serves the extended safety technology to switch off the system in an emergency.

Safe drives with a STO input to PLe are safely controlled by potential-free relay outputs of the Safety Simplifier in two channels. A safe, pneumatic service unit is controlled via the safe OSSD outputs of the Safety Simplifier. The free software gateway sends all status information to the higher-level, non-secure control unit. A safety controller or safety relays in the control cabinet are not required. The Safety Simplifier is equipped with M12 connectors and allows installation in the shortest possible time.


Safety controller directly integrated in the operational unit, without additional safety controller in the control cabinet. 


Advantages in the application

  • No control cabinet for safety technology
  • Reduction of commissioning time due to M12 connector
  • Compact design in 40 mm for mounting on aluminum profiles
  • No further safety controller/relay necessary
  • Diagnosis via touch display on the Safety Simplifier



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