The SSP-Safety Fence System





Fast Connect Technologie

Netlocks zum klipsen



Slot nuts

The basis of the SSP Fast Connect technology are the slot nuts. They position themselves in the groove when screwed in and allow fast assembly.



Fitting technology

The combination of fittings and slot nuts enables uncomplicated connection of the individual aluminum profiles. Drilling and thread cutting is not necessary. L, T and I fittings ensure stable and flexible mounting of aluminum profiles.



Aluminum profile

Anodized 44 x 44 mm profiles with an 11 mm groove form the basis of the SSP safety fence system. Other matching profile sizes can be easily combined with each other. Due to the special design, the profiles are light but still stable.




Wide range of fillings made of different materials for safety and functionality. From spot welding grid to transparent polycarbonate and opaque sheet metal to special fillings such as fine real glass. 



Grid fixation

The SSP grid fixation ensures a solid connection between the profile and the filler. It increases the total stability of the safety fence.



Clamping strips

Polycarbonate, sheet metal or real glass fillings are additionally fixed with clamping strips. This stabilizes the connection and reduces vibrations.



Floor attachment

The combination of floor attachment bracket and aluminum profile compensates for any unevenness. The floor angles can be mounted at different heights. Expansion anchors provide a firm hold in the floor..



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