High speed roll doors



Safe high-speed door „Nordic Door“


High-speed door with leading safety light barrier for pallet feeding


High-speed doors with minimum space requirement

High-speed doors are often used for pallet feeding. Opening speeds of up to 2.5 m/s ensure smooth operation withextremely short cycle times. Especially for the packaging  industry, the very robust construction and the antistatic surface of the door curtain are ideal. The integrated light beam takes over the function of the safety edge - contactless and therefore wear-free. This ensures early collision-free detection of objects that are already reliably detected during the travel movement. The integrated non-contact safety sensor SAFIX 3 monitors the position of the rolling gate.

Nordic Door high-speed doors are characterized by narrow frames of only 80 mm and thus enable compact system
cells. Thanks to the arrangement of the upper roller shaft at the rear of the door, the design is attractive and offers the operator more safety. A forklift can move closer to the cell when loading or equipping it.


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  • Patented push protection with efficient locking. The push system is not subject to any wear during normal operation.
  • The door blade can only be pushed over a limited distance, therefore it is possible to place the door closer to the workplace.
  • The floor support cannot be tilted so that the contactless switches (Cat. 4 + PLe) can react faster and more reliably.
  • Integrated light beam or alternatively electrical safety edges with wireless connection.
  • Finger protection around the floor support.






  • Alternative drive systems with or without vector inverter control.
  • Flexible motor bracket with 4 alternative motor positions: up/down/forward/back.
  • Sophisticated bracket for the contactless switches with which the position of the door can be easily adjusted to any opening height.
  • Efficient stop holder with damping effect.





Simplifier at the rolling gate

Safety Simplifier with switch elements controls the highspeed door during travel. The wireless interface serves for simple integration into the safety concept of the system.