Simplifier Manager

Your advantages

  • saves time and resources
  • drag & drop function
  • user-friendly, intuitive interface
  • predefined functional modules for easy and fast programming
  • wireless connection using the SRM stick or optionally via USB connection
  • online mode for live diagnosis

Simplifier Manager
Free software for the Safety Simplifier System

Program safety functions easily and clearly with the help of the Simplifier Manager software. Function modules for emergency stop, safety switches, lighting curtains, two-hand controls, operating mode switcs and many other applications are available as standard.

The function blocks can be found on the left side, Downloads "Software Gateway"



Free Software Simplifier Manager

Clear program structures

Predefined logic and function blocks as well as drag & drop functions simplify programming.

Function blocks for communication with the standard PLC via free software gateways.


Configuration of function blocks
Predefined function blocks and drag & drop functions reduce the programming time and simplify the structure of your application. The properties of the individual function blocks can be configured in the inspector window. Exemplary parameters:

  • single- oder two channel monitoring
  • Filterzeiten
  • Times of simultaneity
  • Activation of error output



Wireless program transfer and diagnosis

Thanks to the wireless function, program-ming can be transferred to the Simplifier without cable restrictions and diagnosis can be performed in online mode.

Import- und export function
of program parts

Standardization of programs with the import and export function

software validation

Individual checksums for each sub-page of the application soft-ware facilitate the validation process.


Online diagnosis via the wireless safety interface.


Easy diagnosis

Diagnnosis on the device

Simplified testing of inputs and outputs directly on the device

The display of the Safety Simplifier shows the status of the inputs and outputs via the LED colors when the integrated safety components are activated. As a result, the inputs and outputs can be checked without an additional employee.

The conditions can be evaluated directly without having to work with trained personnel at the open control cabinet.Decentralized inputs and outputs can be checked directly on the device without a laptop and software.

Touchpanel und LED Anzeige

Simplifier LED and software information

The LED display of the Safety Simplifier always displays the status of its own inputs as well as the status of further Safety Simplifier inputs and flags in the system. The view is selected via a touch sensor on the display.


Online Diagnose

Simplifier Radio Monitor

For downloading of the application software or for diagnosis in online mode, the Safety Simplifier impresses with wireless communication, because cable length restrictions of ethernet or USB cables do not restrict the technician at his workplace.

Simplifier SRM Stick


Simplifier Manager Online Diagnose 


Diagnosis of wireless quality and response times

The Simplifier Manager provides the possibility to check the wireless quality and the current response time in the network.

Simplifier SRM Stick


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