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Get to know our employees and colleagues.

Short testimonials from the employees about their area of responsibility at SSP and also an insight into the diverse hobbies and activities that our colleagues do outside of work.



Summer festival


In mid-July we celebrated our summer festival. In the best weather, we finally got together again after such a long time of restraint. We had a barbecue, mixed cocktails, played table football and danced. Many thanks to all colleagues who attended and to the bosses for the wonderful party!







Florian Voss

Sales representative in the technical field service


What do you like most about your job at SSP?


No day is like another, especially the change between home office and field service and the most diverse projects in the safety sector always challenge me anew.

At SSP, we have a good team spirit thanks to a high level of trust. Further training is also very important. Investing in employees is also a great way of showing appreciation.

In addition to professional ambition and goals, fun is never neglected at team events and trade fairs. It is a nice mixture of successful cooperation and friendships that have developed at SSP.






Jana Schweigert

Internal sales representative


What makes working at SSP unique?



The work at SSP is varied and never gets monotonous. I like working together in our team, but independent tasks are also part of it and that's a good mix.

We at SSP are always ready to learn something new and to develop further! Every day, processes are optimised and automated. The opinions and experiences of the employees are also taken into account.

There is a great atmosphere in the company. We support each other and always learn from each other. Many words are often not necessary because we are a well-coordinated team. I enjoy every company event with my colleagues.






of our colleagues


Loneliness - Every day at the limit - Expedition

Alwin Trummer, sales representative in the technical field service starts a new adventure in August! He will explore the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan by bicycle for 5 weeks. He will cover a distance of 1250 km and 15,000 metres of altitude on sand and gravel roads, and he will do it alone! But we are not worried, this is not the first tour for Alwin! He has already experienced a similar trip when he was on the lagoon route (Bolivia-Chile-Peru). 





Alwin Trummer




Olympic dream and what comes after?

Jacqueline Waskow, a working student in marketing, has been playing ice hockey since she was 8 years old. From the beginning, she was the only girl among the boys, but she didn't care. At the age of 13, it was her dream to take part in the Olympics, and 7 years later this dream came true for her.

In 2014, she stood on the ice at the Olympic Games in Sochi. The hard years of competitive sport paid off. One of the moments that still gives her goosebumps today is the thought of entering the stadium at the opening ceremony. "This feeling is indescribable, you can't explain it, you have to experience it yourself!

After the Olympics, it was clear to her that she now wanted to focus on a professional career. And so a completely new path began for her. She had to "find" a new passion outside the beloved ice rink. That wasn't so easy at first, because she didn't know that feeling: "Not knowing what I want". She now only plays ice hockey as a hobby for balance and it is no longer the main focus of her life.

Jacqueline Waskow




Learning from horses

Katharina Dick, Team Leader in Marketing, is a passionate rider and has already trained several horses.


"Riding is not just a hobby, it is above all the responsible handling of a living being. I have learned a lot from horses," says Katharina. Horses are not sports equipment; like people, they have needs and their own ideas. For Katharina, riding is not a sport but an art and an effort to achieve ease and partnership. "Riding should be like dancing, the partner horse can be led trustingly, the rider communicates clearly but always mindful of the individual horse."
In handling and training the animals, she has learned a lot about social interaction, structured approaches, assertiveness and clear communication. All soft skills from which one can benefit in daily interaction and work. 

Working with horses is a wonderful balance and you learn every day and try to improve as a rider. The search for balance, harmony, power and lightness never ends.

Katharina Dick




Rescue squad with animal companion

Viktor Gaiser, sales representative in the field (Baden-Württemberg) is part of a rescue dog team at the German Red Cross. 

As a rescue dog handler, he completes a time-consuming education and training program together with his wife and their dogs Shira and Emma, with an exam at the end to complete the training. In addition to dog training, other training topics are also on the agenda, such as paramedic training. 

All this is done on a volunteer basis, the work with the dog and the community of the group make it special. This path was driven by the dog Shira, who came from animal welfare and thanks to mantrailing has received a species-appropriate workout.

Viktor Gaiser