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scope of application
Enabling switches
Emergency Stop
Stop button
Control function
Key switch
Other features
7-segment display
Emergency stop chaining
Reset button
Jam protection collars
Protective collars
Hygienic design
Solder pins
Installed in housing
2 Positions
3 Positions
1 x NO
1 x NC
1 x NO & 1 x NC
2 x NO
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The command- and signalling devices of the Simplifier Series are easily and flexibly usable. Thanks to their high protection class of IP67 the application Areas are numerous.
The command devices robust build, a combination of modern design and optimal functionality, creates your systems interface between human and machine.
According to our motto „we simplify safety" our command devices reduce the sources of errors and the installation time. Therefore they also decrease the costs of commisioning in your planning.

„we simplify safety" doesn't only simplify safety but it also increases the safety. Emergency-stop-Buttons just like all additional command devices such as normal and illuminated buttons, LED lamps, selector- and key switches are manufactured from one piece. It's not possible for contact elements to fall off, which actively prevents safety defects.


We provide you with a wide range of buttons to select from


Our lamps have a high durability and reduce the costs of maintenance.

Buttons in different colors

Our Buttons are available in 6 different Colors

Installation depth

reduction of space due to the compact and slim build

Spring terminals

Easy and quick montage due to the most modern spring terminals

Individual labeling

Labels can be individually planned, changed and adjusted the requirements


  • low Installation depth
  • highly durable Status display due to LEDs
  • button caps are switchable
  • individual labeling
  • obtainable as single products
  • buttons can not fall off