Safety contact mats, bumpers and contact edges


Safety contact edges
The "SENTIR edge” safety contact edges from ASO Safety Solutions are pressure-sensitive edges that are installed as closing edge protection to safeguard people and materials at potential crushing or shearing points such as e.g. on automated doors, machines and handling units or moveable platform elements

Safety contact bumpers – also called bumpers – are safety devices on transport vehicles and industrial trucks, high-shelf warehouses, production lines, mobile systems and anywhere where larger deformation paths for the safety devices are required. The SENTIR bumpers from ASO are highly adaptable to the customer's requirements and are available in a variety of forms, colours and sizes.

Safety contact mats
The "SENTIR mat” safety contact mats are surface sensors used to safeguard areas in the whole field of industrial and production automation. Stepping on the mat triggers an immediate "stop” signal in order to prevent dangerous movements. The "SENTIR mat” contact mats are waterproof and manufactured out of polyurethane in one casting process. A embossed surface is also integrated into the design. Where high mechanical demands are placed on the surface of the mat, it is also possible to fit them with aluminium or stainless steel covers. Individual designs, multiple switching zones and variable colouring are also possible in many different ways.