Safety Simplifier

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Analysis unit
Contact expansion unit
Bus extension
Speed monitoring
Decentralised setup
Input expansion unit
Output expansion unit
Rotary switch
Compatible sensor types
Safety contact mats
Safety command devices
Safety switches
Locking devices
Light curtains
Control elements
Emergency stop
Push button
Key switch
1 push button
2 push buttons
3 push buttons
Male M12 5-pin
Female M12 5-pin
Female M12 8-pin
Female M12 12-pin
1 connector
2 connectors
3 connectors


Safety Simplifier | with Emergency- Stop


Safety Simplifier | without buttons & connections


Safety Simplifier | without buttons & connections

Wireless safety systems

Plug and Safe

We provide safety where it is needed with the Safety Simplifier and make it easier for you to develop user-friendly safety systems, such as on access doors. Simply connect up your sensors, locking systems or light curtains.

Select the required push button and/or emergency stop button and you have a complete safety solution with analysis and diagnosis functions. This data is wirelessly transmitted via another Safety Simplifier or directly transmitted to your existing system in a fail-safe manner.

Wireless communication – wireless simplifier

Replace your cables with the Safety Simplifier for distances of more than 100 m per module. Amplifiers can be used for longer distances or for unfavourable ambient conditions.

Emergency stop system – emergency stop simplifier

The Safety Simplifier makes the use of additional emergency stop buttons extremely easy! The Safety Simplifier can be integrated either by cable or wirelessly.

Decentralised safety system – safety system simplifier

You can easily add functions to existing and new systems. Simply select the desired functions such as e.g. "close doors” or "delayed opening” and connect the safety outputs to the existing safety system or directly to the machine control system.


Simplifier manager software

Secure, wireless communication

Simplifier manager