Simplifier Manager

Your advantages

  • saves time and resources
  • drag & drop function
  • user-friendly, intuitive interface
  • predefined functional modules for easy and fast programming
  • wireless connection using the SRM stick or optionally via USB connection
  • online mode for live diagnosis

Simplifier Manager
Free software for the Safety Simplifier System

Program the safety functions in an easy and uncomplicated way using the Simplifier Manager configuration Software. The functional modules for emergency stops, safety switches, light curtains, two-hand controls, mode selector Switches and many others are available as standard.

Function blocks you can find under Downloads "Software Gateway"



Configuration of the functional modules
The properties of the individual functional modules can be configured with the inspector window. Examples of parameters:

  • one- or two-channel Monitoring
  • filter times
  • simultaneous times
  • fault output activation
  • application of clock signals for cross-circuit detection

Communication SPS


Distribution of safety functions
In order to gain more clarity, the safety functions can be arranged on different pages using memories. This simplifies the validation and programming of your application.

Programming and upload of the application software
Program your application software with the Simplifier Manager. Install the application software for all participants using the SRM stick (Simplifier Radio Monitor Stick). A cable connection to the Safety Simplifier is not necessary. In the case that you don't have the SRM stick at hand, you can also use all functions via standard micro USB cable. All safety-related data like serial numbers of the devices, check sums, network ID, wireless channel and quality are displayed.

Validation and Examination of the Applicationsoftware
The Safety Simplifier Manager supports you during creation of the validation documentation according to EN ISO 13849-2. The check report contains all safety-related parameters like PFHD values, Diagnostic Coverage (DC) and Performance Level (PL) according to EN ISO 13849-1 for the Safety Simplifier System.

Project report
Automatically generate the project report using the Simplifier Manager. All safety-related parameter are clearly listed and presented.

Simplifier Manager Software Interface


Safety Manager

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