High speed roll doors

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With machine protection doors from NORDIC door, our partner, located in sweden, we are expanding our product portfolio in the department of safety enclosures. The doors are directly integrable with our SSP-Aluminium- safety- fence- systems.

Speed door
NORDIC 344-protec Rollback excels with its minimal request for space. Its frame with a width of 80mm and the new construction, which moved the upper corrugated roll to the cellside, enables a very compact build of the production cell.
  • patented push protection with efficient lock
  • the door panel can only be pushed a limited distance, therefore you can place it closer to a Workspace
  • The improved bottom beam cannot be tilted, which provides the contactless switches to react faster and more reliable
  • Integrated lightcurtains or alternatively electrical protective edge with wireless connection
  • Better protection for fingers around the bottom beam
  • Alternativ engine systems with or without vektor- inverter control
  • flexible motor mounting with 4 alternativ motor positions, upward/ downward/ front/ back
  • intelligent mounting for contactless switches, which enable the gates position to be easily changed
  • efficient stop mounting with dampening effect
  • Attractive design, consistent from anodised aluminium
  • The corrugated rolls arrangement on the back of door cause the construction to be appealing and to offer the user more safety
  • Due to this a forklift can get closer to the cell
  • No visible bolts at the frames or bottom beams
  • minimal requirement of space due to a narrow frame