Safety Simplifier for Machine networking

Safe networking of machines



Application description

In large industrial plants it is often necessary to link the safety signals of a plant. To achieve this, potential-free contacts are wired from machine to machine or to a higher-level safety controller. Subsequent changes in the safety concept are therefore often difficult to implement. Long lines and cable routing make the safety concept inflexible and expensive. With the Safety Simplifier, a safety concept becomes attractive and can be implemented quickly. A Safety Simplifier is mounted on each machine. This either monitors the safety technology of the plant completely or only takes over the function of the safe linking of the plant, if another safety technology is already installed. Up to 256 safe signals can be exchanged via the safe wireless or CAN interface.


Networking of up to 16 machines via Wireless Safety.



Advantages in the application

  • Safe and unsafe wireless linking of machines
  • Range of up to 100 m between the individual systems
  • Built-in, free software gateway can communicate with different controllers (non-secure, flexible communication)



  • Easy planning and extension of higher-level safety concepts
  • Easy diagnosis


The Safety Simplifier on a single machine, mounted on the control cabinet, handles safe but also non-safe communication for the linking of the plant.



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