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Flexible safety concepts for injection molding machines


Automated injection molding machines have particularly high demands on safety technology. A performance level of PLe and highly coded safety sensors or switches are the basic prerequisites for such a safety concept. Injection molding machine manufacturers use standardized EUROMAP interfaces between injection molding machines and external safety devices. The EUROMAP 73 and EUROMAP 78 are often used here.

The EUROMAP 73 driven by DIN EN 201 requires three NO contacts and three NC contacts from the safety devices to integrate the injection molding machine. On the other hand, the newer EUROMAP 78 uses intrinsically safe OSSD signals (Output Switching Signal Device).

With the Safety Simplifier, SSP offers a complete safety solution with an integrated EUROMAP 73 or EUROMAP 78 interface as a plug & play variant. Thanks to the safety-oriented wireless communication (PLe), the system is extremely flexible and there is no cabling effort for the user.


Safety Simplifier

Harting 16B

Safety Simplifier







Safety Simplifier

Harting 10B

Safety Simplifier



Example of an injection molding machine with Safety Simplifier EUROMAP 73/78 interface



Safety devices can be freely combined

Regardless of whether a safety guard locking, a process guard locking or a safety light grid with muting is required for the safe automation of your injection molding machine. All units can be connected to the Safety Simplifier via M12 connector.


Safe rear step protection of plants

Safe contact mats or laser scanners can also be connected to the Safety Simplifier and evaluated. This is one of many possibilities to secure the rear area of an injection molding machine.




Safe Communication

Up to 16 Safety Simplifiers can be linked via the secure wireless network. The repeater function implemented as standard ensures optimum process reliability. Each Safety Simplifier shares the available safety information with all other Safety Simplifiers within its range. Two modules can communicate at a distance of up to 100 meters. For longer distances or in unfavorable environmental conditions, additional Safety Simplifiers can act as repeaters or a wired CAN connection can be used. Combinations of wireless and CAN are also possible. A Safety Simplifier with the integrated EUROMAP 73 or EUROMAP 78 interface guides all safety links from the plant to the injection molding machine and acts as a safety controller.



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