Wireless Sicherheitssteuerung Safety Simplifier

Safety Simplifier

The Safety- PLC with integrated Interface

Wireless Safety (Ple) where it is needed. Easy wireless machine safety via plug & play - Industry 4.0

Intelligente Prozesszuhaltung HOLDX R


The smart, magnetic process lock with self monitoring

An intelligent electronic magnet with integrated RFID- Sensor, which monitors itself - Industry 4.0

Sicherheitsschalter tGard


Enabling- and operating units with increased manipulation protection

Ergonomic enabling switch with hand detection and home senor for increased manipulation protection





Wireless Safety- Safety Simplifier

Safety Enclosures

Smart Process Lock HOLDX


Wireless Distributor


Operating Elements Zeus




Safety Simplifier - The Safety- PLC with integrated Interface
  • modular build
  • safe Wireless- or CAN-connection
  • programmable Safety PLC
  • 14 safe I/O‘s
  • 2 safe relaisoutputs
  • Connection of up to 16 units
  • reciprocal communikation
  • Connection of up to 256 I/O‘s


wireless safety software