Lifting Gate

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Fencing system
welded mesh door
galvanised sheet steel section
polycarbonate section


Manual Lifting gate

Space saving person- and machine protection, which adjusts to your individual requirements. This safety components ease the access to your machine without any additional automation.

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The SSP- Lifting gate is realisable with three different Openings and consists of a stable aluminium-profile construction. The door is manually opened and closed. Due to the flexible Systems, there are a multitude of fillings possible, which all fit effortlessly in the safety enclosure. the modular built, the easy montage and the Unlimited expendability are only a few of the product's Advantages.

The most important characteristics
  • Fillings: polycarbonate, metal sheet, perforated plate, Composite Sheets, analog insertable to the safety fence system
  • Three Standard versions- Opening Position top, Bottom and Center
  • different lead versions like plastic- or brass wheels, linear rails, etc
  • Special sizes and designs are individually possible
  • It is possible the deliver pre-installed safety sensors