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Wireless Safety

Safety Simplifier

Plug & safe: New concept for even more safety

The design of safety concepts for stationary and mobile machines and plants was never as easy as it is today! The patent pending Safety Simplifier from SSP Safety Systems Products GmbH & Co. KG represents the launch of a new, wireless safety solution on the automation market.This plug & play solution ensures safety wherever it is needed. It makes user-friendly safety systems easy to realise, irrespective of whether they are intended for new plants, machine extensions or retrofitting. The user connects up, for example, their sensors, interlocks and light curtains, selects push buttons and/or emergency stop buttons and benefits from a complete safety solution – including analysis and diagnosis functions. This certified solution is transferred wirelessly and securely via Safety Simplifier or directly to existing systems.

Wireless communication

This innovative concept can also significantly reduce wiring costs. Furthermore, it saves plant constructors a great deal of space in the control cabinet. Cables covering distances of more than 100 metres can be replaced per module using Safety Simplifier! For longer transmission paths or even in unfavourable ambient conditions, amplifiers can be used to guarantee the safety of the system. Every Safety Simplifier transfers the signals reciprocally, while the integrated LED indicators provide a quick overview of the inputs and outputs and other desired information.

Emergency stop system

The use of additional emergency stop buttons is also extremely easy in this concept. The Safety Simplifier can be integrated either by cable or wirelessly. Every module can be optionally fitted with 4 potential-free relay outputs. The relay outputs on all installed Safety Simplifiers can be switched jointly or individually (for emergency stops) depending on the use case to safely stop the machine. The power supply (10-30 VDC) can also be easily separated from the power supply to the plant. Even in an interlinked plant, this means that individual machines can be switched off without bringing all of the machines to an emergency stop. Amongst other things, this simplifies the installation of emergency stop solutions because no further evaluation units are required for the control system.

Safe controls

The user can also benefit from a decentralised safety concept at the same time. Simple functions can be easily added to both existing and also new systems. Functions such as e.g. "close doors” or "delayed opening” can be selected and directly linked to the safety outputs on already existing safety systems and machine control systems. A control cabinet for the safety technology and a superordinate safety switching device are then no longer required.

It is possible to utilise up to 16 Safety Simplifiers in one network. This offers plant and machine constructors the flexibility to quickly, safely and simply create a complete safety system with up to 256 I/Os.

Every module also has its own address to guarantee secure communication. This wireless or wired communication is carried out via a secure CAN bus. Programming is also extremely user friendly. Application-specific configurations can be easily developed with the Safety Simplifier Manager.

Nadine Kerscher

Picture credits:
SSP Safety Systems Products GmbH & Co. KG
Nadine Kerscher


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