Your advantages

  • Modular use with all SSP EDI emergency stop buttons
  • Self-monitoring contacts detect faulty installation of the emergency stop button or a detached contact block

Contact modules (direct opening mechanism)

Self-monitoring contacts: Two contacts connected in series monitor not only the operation of the emergency stop button but also safely trip in the event of incorrect installation.

General data

Item number
Functional type
Contact modules (direct opening mechanism)

Environmental conditions

Max. storage temperature
-50°C ... 85°C °C
Max. operating temperature
with / without lighting -25 ... 55 °C

Electrical data

Design / Connections
Spring-loaded terminals / 0.75 ... 2.5mm
Bounce time NC
< 10
Direct opening contact
according to EN60947-5-1, Annex K
Switch type
1 opening contact (+ 1 switch)
Contact material
Rated operating voltage Ue
250 V
Min. voltage
24 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui
250 V
Continuous thermal current
0,416666667 A
Protection class (EN 50178)
II (protective insulation)
Rated operating current Iₑ
3 A
Utilisation category
AC15 A300
electrical lifespan
20.000 switching cycles

Mechanical data

Mechanical service life
20.000 switching cycles