Wireless Safety

Safety Simplifier

Safety-PLC with integrated wireless interface
With the Safety Simplifier we provide safety exactly where it is needed and help you to create user-friendly safety systems,such as at the access doors. Just connect your sensors, guard lockings and light curtains. Select the push buttons and/or the emergency stop buttons and you will receive a complete safety solution with evaluation and diagnosis.This data will be safely forwarded to your existing plant either directly or using another Safety Simplifier.



Wireless Safety
A flexible and safe solution for decentralised applications. Alternatively our system can be coupled via a safe CAN- Connection.

Safe Communication
The Safety Simplifier provides
high safety up to
SIL3 - PLe - Category 4
Reliable Communication due to Multi-Master-Principle.

Programmable  Safety Control
Decentralised Safety Control with 14 safe in- and outputs is flexible and individually configurable.

Configuration Software
Simplifier Manager

Predefined function elements for an easy and quick programming with online-mode and live-diagnosis






Examples for Applications





Robot Integration





Konfigurator Button Wireless Safety Device Safety Simplifier

  Create your own individual Safety Simplifier with our Safety Simplifier Configurator




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