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Process lock
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Safe process locks of the HOLDX R seriesRS und LR zusammen

The new generation of magnetic process locks, innovative and intelligently, the HOLDX R combines a contact-less RFID-safety sensor with an intelligent electric magnet within one device. With this combination, consisting of safe status monitoring and process lock, the HOLDX RS 1 and HOLDX RL 1 is universally usable, increases quality and reduces down- and setup time.


The HOLDX R did not only win the MM-Award at the Automatica in Munich, but is also nominated for the GIT Safety Award! You can help us to win the award by voting for the HOLDX R!



Your advantages within the application


  • PLe according to EN 13849-1
  • Coded version- for applications with manipulation incentive, according to EN 14119
  • Applicable in anything, from little windows up to big safety doors
  • Shortest commisioning time due to flexible montage Concept
  • Pigtail connection reduces cable diversity (straight or angled cable)
  • Less down- and setup time, due to maintenance Monitoring
  • high tolerance for door offsets
Door Offset

Door offset top

Door Offset

Door Offset bottom

Series connection and high diagnosis intelligently combined

Up to 17 HOLDX R process locks can easily and intelligently be switched in a row. Two pigtail cables enable the direct and easiest series connection. There is no terminal box, Y-distributer or distributorbox necessary. This poses a significant reduction in costs and commisioning time.

RS & RL Can Connection

Advantages of the intelligent series connection

  • Series connection of up to 17 process locks with PLe accoring to EN ISO 13849-1
  • When switched in a row there are up to 170 diagnosis information available in the system
  • Every process lock is individually controllable
  • Evaluation of diagnosis on standard PLC without gatewayIphone Mockup
  • Diagnosis and communication elements for Siemens, Beckoff, Rockwell and B&R controll are freely available
  • Wireless transmission of safe and unsafe diagnosis information even with series connection via safety PLC Safety Simplifier

Provident maintainance due to self monitoring

The smart process lock HOLDX R communicates with your standard PLC via diagnosis output or the built in bluetooth interface with your phone or laptop.
HOLDX R monitors the application, the process and the downstream actors autonomly and intelligently. This way you can easily find errors, whether they are within the series connectionor the individual units, entirely without measurement or diagnosis devices

HOLDX RS1- with one pigtail or two


In it's little and compact form, the HOLDX RS1 has a locking force of 500N. The agile anchorplate possesses, additionally to the locking force, a permanent magnet with 50N locking force, which prevents the immediat opening of the door.

HOLDX RL1- with one pigtail or two

With it's width the HOLDX RL1 has a locking force of 1200N. The agile anchorplate HOLDX Rpossesses, additionally to the locking force, a permanent magnet with 50N locking force, which prevents the immediat opening of the door. The HOLDX RL1 is easily and quickly installed on aluminium profiles. It is possible, at all times, to secure anything from little windows to big safety doors.