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Emergency Stop
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7-segment display
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ZEUS 01-15 10 31

Enabling/operating unit

ZEUS 11-15 10 31

Enabling/operating unit

ZEUS 01-01 11 00

Enabling/operating unit

ZEUS 01-11 11 00

Enabling/operating unit

ZEUS 01-12 11 00

Enabling/operating unit

ZEUS 01-13 15 30

Enabling/operating unit


Additional hook set for Zeus enabling-/operating unit


Universal hook


Enabling- and operating units with increased manipulation protection


Zeus description

Enability- ergonomic and safe

If it is necessary to provide the operator with a special mode of operation, such as commisioning, maintainance, or setting up processes, important legal requirements must be observed

A reliable option is the enabling operation. For this kind of operation the machines' operator has the possibility to Bridge certain safety installations, such as safety doors, by selecting the way of operation and Pressing the enabling switch.

GIT Award winner 2017

At this point it is important to mention the 3-step-function. Dangerous movements can be solely released by positioning the 3-step-enabling switch in the middle position. If the Operator releases or fully pressed the switch, the system will shut safety oriented down.

ZEUS ensures tireless labour, thanks to its ergonomic form and little weight. It is simultaniously suited for left- and right handed people as well as working with gloves.



  • ergonomic design
  • measurements 186 x 70mm (without mounting brackets and emergency- stop-switch)
  • robust housing in IP65 and IP67
  • modular build
  • delivered with 10m Connection cable by Default (stop-button configuration with 8-pole M12 connector)
  • it is possible to install the terminal Strip on your own


  • Operation of up to 120 Axis/ function
  • Extended LED- diagnosis
  • increased Manipulation protection In-Hand-Sensor (Hand detection)
  • "Operation Surveillance" by activity- sensor
  • rocker-/function-switch
  • Big selection of plug-in connectors


Zeus configurator