Your advantages

  • Status indication by LED ring illumination
  • Higher availability through protective collar
  • Manipulation detection through key unlocking
  • User-friendly status display via coloured marking of the emergency stop button
  • Optional self-monitoring contactors can detect any faults (incorrect installation of the emergency stop button or a dropped contact block)

Illuminated emergency stop button with key release

The EDI emergency stop buttons have a modular design.

Select the head, contact and if desired the corresponding housing or simply immediately select the EDI slimline variant in a slimline housing. The special feature of the EDI buttons is the optionally available self-monitoring contact.

To help maintain safety, the switching elements in the emergency stop buttons/emergency off buttons are fitted with a safety contact. This constantly monitors the proper connection between the emergency stop button/emergency off button and the contact element. Even redundant, secure emergency off chains are ineffective if the contact is not perfectly connected to the emergency off actuator. If the emergency stop button/emergency off button becomes disconnected from the contact element due to negligent installation or mechanical damage, the safety contact trips immediately and the machine is shut down. The machine can only be placed into operation again when the fault has been rectified.

General data

Item number
Functional type
Illuminated emergency stop button with key release

Environmental conditions

Max. storage temperature
-50 ... +85 °C
Max. operating temperature
-30 ... +55 °C
Protection class

Mechanical data

Mounting position
Installation opening
Torque (mounting nut)
max. 2,5 Nm
Mechanical service life
50.000 switching cycles