Supporting services for the safe use of machines

define the minimum regulations for safety and health protection in the use of equipment by employees in their work. It was transposed into national law in Germany in the Operational Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV), which came into force at the end of 2011. The Operational Safety Ordinance stipulates, amongst other things, that risk assessments and technical tests must be carried out before equipment is used for the first time and then at regular intervals.


We would be pleased to support you through all of the steps with our range of services.

Testing new machines

Trust is good but monitoring is better and also required by law! §3 of the Operational Safety Ordinance stipulates that the operator of a machine must carry out a risk assessment before using a machine for the first time and that a CE marking on the machine does not release the operator from this obligation. Our employees always work according to the latest laws and would be pleased to support you with individual services for testing new machines for their compliance with the legal regulations.

Recurring tests

Technical safety devices on machines are generally components that are subject to wear. To guarantee the safety of a machine over the long term, the Operational Safety Ordinance requires regular, recurring tests of the technical safety devices. This is subdivided into two areas: documentation/organisational checks and technical tests. We would be pleased to support you in this task with our knowledge and technical testing equipment.

Training your employees

You can only use something when you also understand it. We have developed a range of training courses and seminars over the years that we can use to demonstrate the current state of technology to your employees and inform them about the latest legal regulations. We adapt our training courses to the individual requirements of your employees and focus on the key areas relevant to your machines.