Stop time measurements

Stop time measurements are used to determine the total response time of a system from the triggering of the safety device through to the dangerous movement coming to a stop. The resulting time can then be used to calculate the required safety distance between the safety device and the dangerous movement.

Our technical equipment allows us to carry out stop time measurement for you on the following safety devices:

Active Opto-electronic Protective Devices (AOPD) (light curtains and light grids) in accordance with IEC 61496

Enabling devices, with two-hand control systems, in accordance with ISO 13851

Pressure-sensitive protective devices (pressure-sensitive strips and mats) in accordance with ISO 13856

Interlocking guards, doors, flaps and gates with safety switches in accordance with ISO 14119. Brochure in PDF format

Active Opto-electronic Protective Devices responsive to Diffuse Reflection (AOPDDR) (laser scanners) in accordance with IEC 61496