the flexible all-rounder



Flex-Line is the most flexible and individual system of the SSP safety fence series. In addition to a variety of fillings, almost any route of the fence or safety fence shape is possible. 
Filler types can be freely combined. Breakthroughs, tunnels, slopes or openings are possible at any point of the fence. This makes the system ideal for complex solutions. In addition, Flex-Line is very robust and stable and can be combined with all other SSP safety fence systems.


Standard floor clearance 107mm


Stable Profil on top

Stable Profil at the bottom




  • Spot welding grid
  • Polycarbonate
  • Sheet metal
  • Safety glass
  • Special fillings


Cross profile with Fast-Connect fittings at the top and bottom. Many attachment options as well as fillings that can be freely combined.


Incomparable individuality and flexibility




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