Safety Simplifier for decentralized design

Decentralized design for assembly plants
with Safety Simplifier



Application description

In the application shown, six non-contact RFID sensors (SAFIX W3) secure an assembly line. A safety light curtain with finger protection is provided for cyclical intervention. Two emergency stop buttons are built in for the extended safety technology. Four Safety Simplifiers with different functions, such as operating elements and distributors, evaluate the safety components and switch off the drives safely in the control cabinet. The requirement of the application is to reduce the wiring effort and to guarantee a flexible extension of the safety technology.

Since a control cabinet of an assembly plant cannot always be installed directly next to the plant, a secure wireless interface was used to reduce the wiring effort and thus the commissioning time!


Implementation of safety technology with wireless safety on an assembly plant.


Decentralized IP65 I/O modules with operational units



Safe switching on and off of the drives in the control cabinet



Decentralized IP65 I/O modules with light curtain



Decentralized IP65 distributors



Decentralized IP65 I/O modules with HOLDX R2





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