Communication with the standard PLC

Free of charge and in an easy and effective way the Safety Simplifi er provides bidirectionally all information to the higher-level standard PLC. Reprogram two of 14 inputs and/or outputs as serial outputs. Use our standard modules in the Simplifier Manager. These modules send through two outputs up to 32 pieces of information to their higher-level control unit. If these pieces of information are not sufficient, further free I/O's can be used for communication without limitation. Free of charge functional modules for Siemens and Beckhoff are available on our homepage.


Illuminated Buttons and Simplifier LED

Our motto „we simplify safety" is also reflected in easy functionalities such as our illuminated buttons. Standard market control units require an input and an output for the evaluation of illuminated buttons. Using the Safety Simplifier, you will reduce the number of inputs and outputs by 50% because one illuminated button can be connected to just one connecting pin. Consequently, the input and output function can be used at the same time. On a standard door with the functions: Emergency stop button, illuminated reset button, illuminated requirement button and illuminated start button consequently three inputs or outputs can be saved. The LED display of the Safety Simplifier always displays the status of its own inputs as well as the status of further Safety Simplifi er in the system. For that, select the view using a touch sensor on the panel.